How to Start a Limo Company in Chicago

Starting a limo company in Chicago can be a lucrative investment with the right planning and organization. However, this can be hard to start this form of business if you do not have the prerequisite understanding on how to manage the business. This article offers a comprehensive guide on how to start a limo business.

Purchase or lease a vehicle

It may not be necessary to buy a limo instantly when you want to start a limo company. Leasing a limo is the best option and provides the additional benefit of trading using a high quality vehicle as the business continue to grow. All you need to do is to have the car checked to ensure that it is of high standards and buy a GPS system.

Apply for license and permits

You need to apply for licenses and permits in order to be allowed to operate. Your limo company will require you to have a business license liability insurance and tax identification number. Note that your driver will also require additional licensing in order to be allowed to carry passengers. This is also the appropriate time for you to develop your company legal structure whether it is a partnership, sole proprietorship, entity or corporation.

Develop a Good Website

This is often overlooked by many people in the industry. Having a presentable website to the public is extremely important. Make sure you have a custom designer help with making your limo company site. Here is a good example: As you can see, they are premiere limo service in Chicago, and they show it by having a very nice layout.


In many cases, it is advisable to work together or corporate with other limo companies in the market. This is necessary because there are some events that you may require several limos that is beyond the capacity of any company. You need to introduce yourself to the competition and develop a mutual referral system. It is good to join limo groups to enhance exposure and make it easier for clients to find your company. In addition, you need to work together or network with other event planners such as funeral home directors, wedding facilitators, convention planners and other experts so that they are aware of your limo company. With this kind of networking you will be able to get a lot of work.

Advertising and Marketing

Most clients get limo business contact details through online search. It is advisable for you to use a professional looking site that provides rates, client testimonials and video footage. This will ensure that your company gets the required exposure, so that your company will be known all over the market. Try as much as possible to develop strong relationship with clients in order to develop strong client base and get more referrals.